EarthShare Fellowship Fund

The Earthshare Fellowship Fund has been endowed to support graduate students in architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) focusing their studies on sustainable design and construction practices.

Marci B. Reed, former Executive Director of the Architecture Foundation of Georgia and Robert E. Reed, III, her husband a graduate of the Georgia Tech Architecture Program, wish to support the work of the Foundation while also supporting Georgia Tech’s effort to educate future leaders in sustainable design and construction. Mrs. Reed, while Board Chair for EarthShare, a national nonprofit organization supporting environmental charities, received an
annual stipend during her three-year term of service to donate to the charity of her choice. Hence the name of the award as the EarthShare Fellowship..

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients!

  • Zorina Matic, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Carley Rickles, Georgia Institute of Technology

Award criteria are based on a combination of the following:

  • The student must be enrolled in at least one graduate degree program offered by the Georgia Tech School of Architecture, including the Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Science in Urban Design, and Doctor of Philosophy
  • Written nomination by a School of Architecture Faculty (SOA) faculty member of eligible students describing how their accomplishments in academic coursework and research have demonstrated excellence in the advancement of sustainable design and building practices, the extension and application of which shows strong promise for positive future impacts for society.

Award criteria are based on a combination of the following:

    • student excellence in academic performance, design portfolio, and educational goals
    • review of letters of recommendation and demonstrated financial need pertaining to the student
    • student exhibits leadership and community service involvement promoting the architecture profession in a positive manner

Students are required to submit the materials in digital format to the Foundation:

  • a separate letter of recommendation from the administration for each student demonstrating why the individual would be a good candidate;
  • a one-or-two-page curriculum vitae for each nominee stating, among other things, name, contact information, progress in studies, and anticipated degree and date of graduation;
  • a maximum 1,000-word essay written by the nominee describing their goals and aspirations, both educationally and professionally;
  • a limited graphic portfolio of the nominee’s work (which the AFGA board presumes will consist of five to ten 8.5 x 11-inch pages representing the student’s work); and
  • provide a list of past scholarships and awards received by the nominee as well as those the nominee is currently applying for.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are selected first through their university.

The application and review process for all award programs is three stages; internal application and review within each architecture program to select candidates, nomination of candidates by each individual architecture school, and review and selection of scholarship recipients by the Foundation:

  • Architecture program internal review and selection of candidates – We recommend that you receive applications from your students no later than February 22, 2019 in order to review and select no more than three candidates to nominate and submit your school’s nominations to the AFGA by March 1, 2019. You may determine the method of selecting your school’s nominees;
  • Architecture program nomination of candidates – Following your internal review and selection of candidates, you must electronically submit a digital submission for each nominee as a single book-marked PDF to the AFGA at [email protected] or via Dropbox no later than 5:00p.m. March 1, 2019.

Please note that the school is responsible for submitting their nominations; submissions from students will not be accepted. Also, please note that late submissions and submissions that do not conform to submission requirements will not be accepted.

  • AFGA Board review and selection of award recipients The AFGA Board will review your nominees from which it may award one or two scholarships to be presented to the student(s).

Along with your nominations and submission materials, please include the dates and locations of graduation or ceremonies at your school during which it would be appropriate to make these presentations.

Please note, if no recommendations are forthcoming from one or more schools, the AFGA Board may, but is not required to, allocate some of all the non-responding school’s targeted scholarship money to award students from one of the other institutions.


  • Lily Berrios, AIA
  • Matt Finn
  • Zachary Terry, AIA
  • Flor Velarde
  • George Harkness, AIA