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The Architecture Foundation of Georgia (AFGA) was established in 1971 to support and enhance public understanding of the value of architecture in creating more healthy, sustainable, meaningful, and beautiful buildings and communities.  To advance this mission, we invest in the next generation of architects who will create diverse spaces, places, and communities.

Today’s high cost of education poses a significant challenge to students seeking professional degrees in architecture.  The average cost of tuition for a bachelor of architecture degree is $19,800 – $26,500 per year; while the average cost for a master’s in architecture is about $30,000 per year.  The average debt of an architectural degree is $38,175.  In fact, research shows that every $1,000 in increased tuition costs leads to a 5% enrollment drop.

Giving Tuesday

You can help.

The Foundation hopes to continue its legacy of investment in future architecture leaders by raising funds to cover its scholarship programs.  Join us by contributing to the Beyond 2020 campaign.  Our goal is to surpass our 2020 $20,000.00 and 2021 $21,000 investment in scholarships to students at SCAD, Kennesaw and Georgia Tech for the year 2022.

Our success depends on your support.  We kick off our Beyond 2020 campaign on GivingTuesday – November 30,2021.  GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world.  GivingTuesday will kick off the generosity season this year by inspiring people to give back on November 30th, and throughout the year.

This year we are PROUD to announce our matching donation sponsor – Shear Structural!  Their matching donations allow you to double your donation, double your impact.

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner on November 30, 2021. Set a calendar reminder to give or pledge on #GivingTuesday or give today by card or check below!


“Being a recipient of a scholarship from the Architecture Foundation of Georgia was an enormous encouragement.  It affirmed for me that I was qualified to pursue my dreams, as well as helping to ease some of the financial strain of going to graduate school.  In a field as challenging and competitive as architecture can be, receiving this scholarship helped make my dream a reality.”

Sarah Laudeman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Stories that Inspire

Breck Small

“Architecture school is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever faced. This scholarship has allowed me to travel and study freely during my thesis year and I am incredibly grateful. It has been an honor to receive it!”

Matt Finn, AIA, RA

“Encouragement in the form of a scholarship from the Architecture Foundation of Georgia let me know that I was on the right track. The monetary gift alleviated some of the financial burden of schooling most of all…”

Audrey Davenport

“The pursuit of a degree in architecture is not an easy road to travel. The Architecture Foundation of Georgia helped pave the road for a less rocky journey…”

This scholarship program was previously named the Dorothy Spence Memorial Scholarship in recognition of the longtime Executive Director of AIA Georgia and eloquent advocate of architecture in Georgia. The program assists students during one of their final two years of professional architecture studies in the state of Georgia.

This scholarship program honors the late John D. Mulford III. John D. Mulford, III was a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University with a Bachelors degree in Architectural Engineering Technology. The program assists students during one of their final three years of professional architecture studies at his alma mater, Southern Polytechnic State University.

Marci B. Reed, former Executive Director of the Architecture Foundation of GA and Robert E. Reed, III, her husband an a graduate of the Georgia Tech Architecture Program endowed the Foundation to support graduate students in architecture at Georgia Tech focusing their studies on sustainable design and construction practices.

This scholarship program endowed by Savannah architect, Gerry Cowart, honors the late Sarah Hall Cowart and helps to remove the financial burden of students attending Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) who want to attend the national AIA Student leadership conferences but do not have the means to do so on their own.

This new scholarship program is initiated and in partnership with the Georgia College of Fellows.